How to Drape Swift Saree

Swift Saree is designed to fit perfectly!

Wearing a saree undoubtedly adds a certain charm and grace to your personality. If you are a person who absolutely loves the elegance of a saree but has no idea how to wear it as gracefully, then do not worry! We at Swift Saree have solved the problem for you! We have made the art of draping a saree in just three simple and quick steps: TIE, HOOK, and DRAPE! Trust us on this. It is really that simple!


Tie the Swift Saree around your waist using the drawstrings provided. You may adjust the tightness as per your comfort preference.


Wrapped the saree around your waist and bring it forward so you can hook it into the provided loops at the front. Align the pleats to the center of your waist by rotating them around it. Adjust the length of the saree by folding it once at the waist and tucking it in. Secure with pins as needed.


Take the rest of the saree from behind your body, and drape it over your shoulder. Now you can adjust the ‘palu’ of your saree to any length that you feel is the most comfortable according to your style.